Between grandparents


Task nr 7 in the writing101 course  ”Give and Take- a dialogue. ”

( I write this in  English for my new international blogfollowers.)

Between grandparents

– ” You overprotect our grandchild and her parents.”

– ” You neclect.”

– ” You both overprotect needlesly and neclect some essensials.”

– ” It’s natural to help famiy as much as one can. She is probably the last grandchild we will see in our lives.”

– ” She is our only grandchild, we deserve to see her more, you shouldn´t tie them so hard to yourselves. ”

–  ” You have you other children to spend time with, They can give you more grandchildren, why don´t they? ”

– ” Our younger children have the right to stay childless if that is their choice. Why don´t you spent more time with your older grandchildren.”

– ” We try too. Of course we love all of our family.”

–  ”Well, so do we.”


2 reaktioner på ”Between grandparents

  1. I like the sentiment in this. Simple yet profound. Good work.

    Perhaps would have been easier to read if you’d used quotation marks rather than dashes, to show the change of speaker.

    ”Quotation marks are these at the start and end of this sentence, in case you call it something else.”
    ”Then the next speaker like this.”

    PS. You don’t need to write in English – unless you are looking to improve your language skills, in which case, go right ahead 🙂 – your blog has a ‘translate’ option.

  2. I am happy that you like my text. I´ll edit and put in the quotation marks. You are right I usually call them something else. But I´ll also keep the lines you call ”dashes”.

    The real reason I used English this time is that I wanted the generic term ”grandparent” and some refreshing distance.


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